New House -settling in

At last I feel as though I have found somewhere to settle as long as I want to be in Mekelle. I looked at this house before and it wasn’t available. Fairly old – so a little shabby, but freshly painted inside, solidly built in its own compound, it has character and all the important services work.
It’s built in tropical style with the rooms opening out off a half window and half mosquito netting corridor which allows air flow but limits bugs. Faces basically west, so I get the sunset and afternoon sun, but a wide overhang keeps the inside quite cool even in the heat of the day. The bonus is the garden – well established with tropical trees (I wonder if I will get my own banana crop) with two huge palms which allow a lovely shadowy area to have the essential liquid sundowner….and yes those are my famous purple chairs – still in use.

Colour scheme is distinctly Ethiopian – a rather ghastly brown in the bathroom and an unlikely pink and yellow combination in the kitchen… but they will be easily solved in time. Lots of brown… but offset with white in the roomy lounge and bedroom.

The steps outside the main doors are a useful place for chores – my friend and car driver Elias helping out by tackling my grubby shoes, and me having a go at washing Ethio style – but with a distinct paucity of suds and a decided lack of biceps activity. Clothes hung sopping wet straight onto the line dry in a couple of hours relatively crease-free.
It’s a joy to step out for breakfast in the cool of the morning, siesta in the heat of the day, and take many of my chores out into the garden. I just love this relaxed warm sunshiny life-style………. Cheers!

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